How to Do Facial Gua Sha and Facial Cupping – Video Tutorial

September 10, 2017

Why Did I Make This Video?

A picture is worth a thousand words. So as much as I hate recording myself on video, I decided to go ahead and make a tutorial that shows how easy it is to give yourself facial gua sha and facial cupping at home. In fact, it is so easy, a child can do it. Once you learn the technique you can do it in 2 minutes or less. You will immediately notice the results – glowing radiant complexion, reduce age-related skin roughness, reduced puffiness, better absorption of skincare products. Over time, these techniques will help prevent wrinkles from forming and boost collagen. Instant facelift!

How Often Should Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Be Performed?

A lot of people ask, how often should I do this? Well, the answer depends on how disciplined you are. Best results come from doing it regularly and consistently. So be honest with yourself. Are you going to start doing this daily and then burn out and stop? Then maybe it would be better if you do facial gua sha and cupping 2-3 times per week. Are you the kind of person who like to do everything thoroughly and perfectly? Then do it once a week and spend at least 5-10 minutes. If you are like me, and have very little patience and need to build in healthy routines into your daily life, then do it every day and take 2 minutes or less. I find personally for me things become automatic if I do them daily, just like brushing my teeth. So for someone like this, adding facial cupping and facial gua sha to a daily routine will be very easy.

Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Video Tutorial

So take a look how you can rejuvenate your face with these easy to use tools. Get the kit here:

Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Set with FREE TUTORIAL

Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Set with FREE TUTORIAL (click to order)

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